www.thaicar-service.com | was established to provide car rental services with driver weekly, monthly, yearly, which will focus on providing services to Japanese, Thai and foreign customers operating in Thailand. Emphasis on courteous customer service and taking care of customers to be comfortable Whether it is a car maintenance check including facilitating the event of a car accident The company will have staff to take care of customers 24 hours a day to make customers feel comfortable. Because we are considered the heart of service.

Driver Quality
The driver is highly experienced. will recruit a driver Has experience working with Japanese and foreigners, is polite, has organized work training. enhance the driver’s abilities before sending it to the customer

Safe Driving
Punctuality and Etiquette for safe driving, punctuality and courtesy of the driver We see it as being the top priority.

The driver has good knowledge of the route.
Routes are an important part of our service. Because our customers will be customers of Japanese companies. Most of the customers will go to industrial estates, golf courses and abroad. before sending the driver to the customer We will train drivers on routes, GPS usage, and route analysis. which times will be crowded and which routes should be avoided To make it convenient to take customers to the location that customers want at the appointed time

Take care of customers’ trust
More convenient, more convenient, customer service is more convenient Comfortable driving, calmness and good manners, which is what we have always emphasized.


Price of a chartered taxi [fastest, no detour]
Service fee starts from 150 baht.
Distances over 100/km 10 baht per kilometer
Distances over 250/km 9 baht per kilometer
Distances over 600 / kilometer 8 baht per kilometer
Book return same day and save up to 25%
Book to and from next day 10% discount
Book a taxi in other provinces, 20% deposit
Check.. Promotion of the month.
Service rates except for the North and the South
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Commitment to Excellent Quality

Good Quality Car
In addition to choosing only a new car, it must be clean. and the engine condition is continuously inspected

Good Driver
Serviced by highly experienced drivers who are skilled in the route and have a passion for service.

Good Management System
Facilitate every step from booking a car to finishing the event.

Good Service
Always select the best and the best. Because we believe that our future depends on the present.

THAICAR-SERVICE Hello | Add details with travel for travelers to decide.

  1. Urgent car calling service, 15-30 minutes, there are cars nearby standby in every area, call immediately
  2. Airport pick-up service, Suvarnabhumi Airport Don Mueang Airport and U-Tapao Airport or will be picked up from the airport into the city or will deliver to various locations or various tourist attractions that customers want
  3. Car charter service for traveling out of the provinces to Bangkok to other provinces or to other provinces to Bangkok between provinces – provinces We are ready to serve you.
  4. Service for tours throughout Thailand with a tour program From the North to the South
  5. Service for tours to pay homage to 9 temples, strengthening the merits, we have a car, a Suv, a car, a taxi, a van, a private car, small and large. Service all areas
  6. Chartered car service for 6-10 hours or 24 hours a day.
  7. Car rental services for meetings, seminars, training as a group, golfing rounds daily or hourly.
  8. Advance car reservation service (there is a team to take care and arrange a car for customers 24 hours a day)

ThaiCar-Service.com Tour has been vaccinated against COVID-19
rent a van, vip van, rent a van with driver, charter a van, rent a vip van 8 seats, rent a vip van 10 seats, a new van Self-drive owners have more than 100 vehicles covering Bangkok and surrounding provinces. Van rental, van rental with driver, van rental, vip van, van rental.
Starting price 1,500-2,200/day Daily, monthly, general contracting services
There are more than 100 cars for service. Happy to serve you. Press call. 098-1981006

Pickup truck The best haulage
Pickup truck hire, pick-up truck rental, pick-up truck hire, house moving, office moving, general cargo delivery Therefore, we have a policy to work for moving goods, moving house, moving office. and transport goods to all customers who are ready to run throughout Thailand From more than 10 years of experience working in moving contracts, we know that renting a pick-up truck, hauling things. How to work together In order to provide customers with the trust and satisfaction of the service as much as possible Thus, ThaiCar-Service.com was born. Under the policy, customers come first. We have many pickup trucks. Both in the form of a solid cabinet pickup and a high stall using canvas. This makes it flexible to work for customers who need to move products in different ways. Our pickup trucks will provide service. that many forms together, for example, moving house General moving hire all kinds etc. and to rent a pickup truck Ours is not difficult. Because we want to provide customers with easy accessibility and friendliness. Therefore, we have staff to serve customers.
As for the call center that can accept moving jobs and provide details to customers in case you want to inquire about the movement of each type

General pick-up truck. We will have staff to lift goods to serve customers as well. In the event that the customer does not have someone to help lift Or friends who do not make an appointment to make an appointment, causing you to be tired to carry things alone. All problems will be gone. when entering the service The team enjoys the transport because all our pickup trucks will have someone to help lift the goods to customers. Help to organize products in order so that you can put a lot of stuff and if any customer wants a lifter You can inform the younger brother to get the job with you right away. How many people do you need to lift things? We will prepare staff to lift and unload items for you as you need. because we want to facilitate our customers because sometimes such a job that must Moving offices, moving houses, transporting goods, it is very necessary to use more than one lifter. We therefore have a standby team waiting to serve you and most importantly. All of our lifters are experienced, skillful and skillful, so you don’t have to worry about the product or your belongings being damaged. Because we know how to move and how to make our customers’ products safe. No scratches in moving and we dare to guarantee that If you come to use a taxi service with us you will be satisfied and definitely worth the money

ThaiCar-Service.com team, the best pickup truck service provider and Have a large team network A car is available for you 24 hours a day, no matter what you need to move. What kind of car do you use? can call to inquire Contact us for details. And we would like to thank all our customers for trusting us over the past 10 years. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to serve you. and next time If you want to move moving house moving office Moving general goods, don’t forget to think about us. Enjoy transport. Ready to serve you at a special price for sure. Thank you very much.

Car rental service with driver

Convenience. Rent a car with a driver to serve you throughout the journey for the length of time you want. Stop by as many places as you want. There is no limit and there are cars, cars and vans to choose from.